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    Nicola Berti
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When the First World War began, many women put themselves at the service of the state, despite the opposition of many. Some did it out of their own free will, others out of necessity. In any case, their efforts were fundamental because they allowed the state to continue their efforts in a moment of astounding difficulties. This was the first significant opportunity for the emancipation of women. It was also a crucial step towards the equalization of gender rights.
But what happens to all of these women when peace returned? How many spaces did they manage to keep among those who painstakingly conquered in the emergency of the long years of conflict? Parliament ruled that women should “In a dignified manner retire on the sidelines and resume their domestic life. Giving back their undisputed family affections pre-eminence.” Many did not give up a started again to fight for further emancipation, insisting on gaining the right to vote. It still took decades of fighting and struggling and another world war to achieve it. The documentary talks about the story of these women secular and catholic, many of which are semi-unknown, that with their courage fought, each in their own way, against the ferocious ostracism of the fascist regime.